Did You Know?

Some problems with your equipment can DOUBLE your operating cost without you being able to tell a difference in performance

A dirty evaporator, condenser or blower wheel could increase Electric bills by 60%.

Up to 80% of all major problems with your equipment could have been eliminated with Planned Service.

"Freon" should never be replaced. It has no expiration date and is only added to your system every year if you have an expensive leak, which should be found and repaired.

If your system is "undercharged" with refrigerant by only 15%, this will affect the machine's efficiency by 30%

A 100th of an inch of dirt film on an evaporator coil can reduce the efficiency by 15%.

While small issues can be resolved later, they often lead to major and expensive problems in the future.

Most HVAC coils last 15-20 years. HVAC coils can last as long as 30 years if they are properly maintained.

When you look at HVAC coils, you can see that the fins are rippled. This is another way to mix up the air, causing more turbulence which creates more heat transfer, increasing coil efficiency.
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